Efficient. Transparent. Future-Proof.

Optimized quotation processes

Create a quote in less than 15 seconds
Perfectly sync selling & buying rates for margin optimisation
Quote more competitively and win new business

Challenge: Buying and selling decisions that are not perfectly synced negatively impact growth & profitability


Quotation not aligned with optimal buying rates


Low visibility and insights on margins during quotation

Increase the competitiveness of your quotes and win more business

  • Sales rates & quotes are perfectly synchronized with  cost-optimized buying rates
  • 100% accuracy for calculating internal selling rates based on true buying prices
  • Gain full transparency on margins and avoid sending quotes with too low or negative margins

Decrease failure rates in quotation processes by 99.9%

  • Full data coverage of all contracted rates
  • Internal selling rates are calculated fully automatically
  • Logics for calculating internal selling rates can be set-up in adaptive ways, based on trade-lanes, customers, or trends

Give your global sales teams the flexibility & speed they need to convert

  • Time to quote within less than 1 minute
  • Decrease lengthy quotation processes, by giving global sales teams access to local internal selling prices
  • Reduce the workload from buying or pricing teams to manually calculate hundreds of quotes per day

Don't take our word for it.

The stats are in our favour. Rouvia helps freight forwarders improve key metrics across the organization!

Operational cost-savings / container*


Reduced errors in quotation*


Margin control in sales & quotation*

*average from 30+ customer base

Upgrade to the future of freight management now.

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