Paving the way for sustainable logistics.

rouvia is the first transport planning and management platform for freight forwarders and logistics teams that integrates all modes of surface transport to unlock cost-efficiencies and environmental opportunities.
Combining truck, rail-freight, and barge transports has never been so easy and effective.
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Effortless transport planning

Tap into our connected network of truck, rail, and barge capacities to find the best transport option for any request. Win more deals with higher margins based on real-time insights and transparency.


Our all-in-one solution enhances your daily operational efficiency. We designed our digital processes so that your team can focus on value-added tasks.

Unparalleled quality

rouvia offers you the support that makes your own customer service shine. Retrieve transport information and live shipment updates at the click of a button.

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Optimized transport planning

Our digital forwarding platform provides access to leading road, rail, and barge carriers, allowing you to compare the benefits of uni-and multimodal transport options. Make better decisions for you and your customers.

Simplified procurement

Managing the complexities when combining services from different carriers is usually inconvenient and unreliable. rouvia is here to change this. Our e-Procurement services make booking uni- or multimodal door-to-door transports simpler and more efficient than ever before.

Efficient transport management

Whether you want to track, update or cancel shipments, collaborate with other team members, or communicate with your carriers, we’ve got you covered. rouvia makes your daily operations easier and more productive.

And so much more

Shipment status tracking
Manage bookings
Create e-Documents
Track CO2 footprint

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rouvia helps you to find the best transport route via truck, rail-freight, and barge.
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