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We make the benefits of multimodal transports transparent and accessible. Join our network of carrier and operator partners and benefit from our fully digital and data-driven distribution channel. Reach more customers, effectively.

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Improved capacity utilisation

rouvia provides visibility of your services and benefits when decisions are made. Increase your utilisation by making capacities automatically available when forwarders search for transport options and let the market come to you.

Reduced complexity and cost

Drastically reduce the number of emails and phone calls. With rouvia, your teams can focus on critical tasks with your most important customers while our digital customer journey and automated processes take care of the rest.

Meet your customers’ expectations 

Forwarders are digitalizing as they face rising expectations from shippers and expect the same from you. Our data-driven solution and team of logistics experts provide an effective end-to-end customer experience.

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Higher visibility of your services and benefits

rouvia begins where decisions are made. Many forwarders and shippers are not yet aware of the reach and benefits of your services. By joining our partner network, a fast-growing number of forwarders consider your routes, services and benefits when making transport decisions.

Effective utilisation of spare capacities

Turn higher visibility into better utilization and improve your margins. By joining the rouvia platform, you can distribute spare capacities to our network of forwarders more easily and at zero customer-acquisition cost. No matter how modern your system landscape is, we support a level of integration that works for you.

State-of-the art customer experience

While there is a vast amount of solutions focused on individual transport modes, the challenge for the upcoming years will be to bring them all together to enable a better end-to-end transport planning and management experience. By joining rouvia, you will be on the forefront of connected multimodal supply chains with effective door-to-door solutions and higher visibility.

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